Is Obama a war-monger?

Posted in Politics by clogsville on October 18, 2008

Given Osama’s further ‘career’, one can imagine my shock when Joe Biden actually was proud of  all this during the second Vice-Presidential debate and even credited himself as being a catalyst, painting himself as a full-blooded interventionist. Nex stop: Sudan.

Besides his pick as Vice-President, Barack Obama has a rather checkered record as well. He opposed to wrap up, so to peak, the unfinished business of the First Gulf War, for which many laud him. For a long time he said he’d end the USA military involvement in Iraq immediately (an important reason he won the Democratic primaries), but later (when McCain’s Surge tactic clearly became succesful) he threw MoveOnorg. and others under the bus for a more moderate strategy.

The actual reason why he opposed to dispose of Saddam was however an unsettling one, and the reason he caught my eye. It turned out he’d rather attack Pakistan, more specifically the region of Waziristan. Apparently no one ever told him Pakistan is a nuke-armed (yes I know, we cloggies are partially to blame) ally whith (according to some sources) sixth-largest army in the world, in one of the most volatile regions of the world. Not only is there the problem of Sunni Muslim-fanatics in the border-region with Afghanistan, but also within Pakistan itself; the region of Kashmir is still being contested with India; and India itself is increasingly troubled by aggressive Hindu-fanatics lashing out at Muslims and esp. Christians. And those are just the most glaring problems which might very well escalate into a war with reckless behaviour. Given his alleged intelligence, Barack Obama probably just doesn’t care.


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  1. clogsville said, on October 18, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Apparently Obama even thinks the First Gulf War was a stellar example of ‘smart politics’ ( ) , because ‘it only cost 20 billion dollars’, ‘other Arab countries helped with the effort’ and it was ‘short’.
    Oookay….I get it. Nice move, buster.
    It was short because instead of helping the Kurds and others get rid of Saddam – who we had promised we would help if they rose up against Saddam, which they did – we left them to rot. This is the main reason the Second Gulf War was less succesfull: the ones who would be glad to be rid of Saddam were either wary of being betrayed again, or dead. Also, because the job wasn’t finished, a second war had to be waged to rid the world of Saddam.
    Yes other Arab countries helped, but in doing so the seed of Osama’s resentment was born: the US-troops stationed at Saudi soil conflicted with his idea of a sacred Arabia ie no ‘infidels’.
    Every time I think I’ve seen the extend of The One’s astounding grasp of foreign policy and security, he amazes me. And they bitch about VP Palin having only contact with Russia over maritime treaties?

  2. GeekGirl2u said, on November 7, 2008 at 6:24 am

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