The lynching of the American Dream

Posted in Politics by clogsville on October 18, 2008

And so, within a day of being exposed as an Achilles’ heel, the pack of sycophants set out to ‘vet’ a voter who had the audacity to ask a question. The messenger had to be destroyed!  Paredón para Joe! Media completely silent on the disturbing connections of a future POTUS, led a howling mob after poor Joe. The leftist blogosphere was set ablaze against him. Joe didn’t have enough money to buy his business yet! How DARE he be even more average than we thought! The One and his bumbling jester had mocked Joe, and so it was alright to lynch him. 

Totally disgusting, totally revealing.  Every time, every place it is the same: so-called ‘social’ politicians and other college-bred types praise the working man when he’s an abstract to be used as justification for their own schemes, but he may not dare question them. His place is to shut up and vote for them.  If he doesn’t, he is a danger to be destroyed. That was why Solidarnocz was outlawed, that is why European parties that actually look out for their own constituents get labeled ‘heretics’. 

There are many more who have posted about this, and I support the effort:



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