The lynching of the American Dream

Posted in Politics by clogsville on October 18, 2008

One of the many characters of this campaign-season is a regular Joe, ‘Joe the Plumber’. He had the audacity to ask Barack Obama a straight question, when The One approached him in his quest for the White House. “Why do you want to punish people with higher taxes if they’ve worked hard to earn their own business?”, was basically the question.  The One did not blink: taxes are not punishment, babies are.  Taxes are ‘to spread the wealth around’, said Senator Government, as lowly voters can’t do that by themselves.

As this unrehearsed answer brought for all the world to see that, yes, wealth redistribution was Obama’s aim,  Joe was to be punished. How DARE he act like an unwilling Antonio Prohias (best known of Spy vs Spy) and reveal The One as a Marxist? Didn’t he know that The One may not be revealed, let alone by a lowly voter ?!?