Is Obama a war-monger?

Posted in Politics by clogsville on October 18, 2008

Although I have been interested in politics ever since Glasnost, politics really started to pique my interest during the First Gulf War (as we cloggies call it). Especially the aftermath: the Kurds and other groups who had risen to the call of liberation, were brutally slaughtered by Saddam Hussein and his henchmen while the States decided it was time for a Change and the economy, stupid. In a  sense, peace caused more corpses than the First Gulf War itself. After that, the USA went to Somalia, but soon fled in humilation. When conflicts as recent as WWII came again to a boiling point in former Yugoslavia and Kosovo, I, like many Europeans at the time, were horrified by the images of slaughtered Bosniaks and Albanian-Kosovarians flung into our living rooms by means of the ever-present tv. When the USA intervened and ended their plight, we lauded them for doing what our own governments were either unwilling or unable to do. Later I was to learn that far from being the clear-cut victims the media and government presented to us, the Bosniaks and Albanian-Kosovarians were actually (supported by) Muslim-fanatics that commited antrocities not unlike those of the purported ‘black-hats’, the Serbs. Indeed,  Osama bin Laden himself was reported to help set-up training camps for Izetbegovicz and the Albanians in Europe, all with knowledge of the Clinton-administration.


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